Ecological services

Habitats & vegetation


Survey, assessment & management of habitats throughout the UK, for development, forestry & conservation is at the core of Botanæco's activity.

Forestry and woodland


Botanæco's training & experience includes  survey, assessment & management; and the ecological history of woodlands.

Peat & peatlands


Botanæco has extensive experience in peat & peatland management and is playing a key role in current conservation initiatives.

Ecological Impact & Habitats Regulations Assessment


Botanæco has assessed plans & projects at the local & national scale for the construction, energy, forestry, health & public sectors.

Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems (GWDTE)


An understanding of landscape ecology facilitates Botanæco's assessment of GWDTE and delivery of related training.

Mapping & Geographical Information Systems


Botanæco is at the forefront of using GIS and emerging forms of remote data in habitat assessment & mapping and peatland restoration.