Mapping & Geographical Information Systems


A picture does paint a thousand words and Botanæco's intuitive, 2D & 3D mapping adds further value with the use of a Geographical Information System (GIS).  Integration of GIS at the core of survey and other spatial projects aids assessment & interpretation or explanation.  The mapping data can also be shared with clients for constraint mapping & design purposes.  

Keeping at the forefront of software and open data availability allows Botanæco to add further value by evolving better & more cost-effective ways to explore, describe & explain the environment.  This can have real savings to clients and also resulted in an invitation to talk at the 2017 Scottish QGIS Users Group conference (available on YouTube here).


The increasing range & quantity of open data is difficult to keep up with but as the benefits are clear, Botanæco constantly reviews availability and updates its GIS skills accordingly.  Use of publicly available LiDAR data has revolutionised peatland restoration projects for example.  On one of these, Botanæco brought savings of £3 k to the public sector while providing a much better output than the 'traditional' approach originally specified.  Another client could have saved around £12 k on a project, if only they had come to Botanæco earlier.


Botanæco is a user and supporter of the open source Quantum GIS software.  This produces outputs that are compatible with ESRI and ArcGIS.  

Further information

If you would like further information then please send an email or call Dr Andy McMullen, Principal Botanist & Director of Botanæco, on 01356 650410.