Forestry and Woodland


Botanæco is experienced in the survey, assessment & management of forestry and native woodland creation or restoration sites. This includes making planting recommendations based upon the existing & potential vegetation and ecological history. 

Survey, assessment & management

 Botanæco routinely undertakes the following activity in relation to forestry sites:

Woodland history

In partnership with the expertise & facilities of Aberdeen University’s Geography Department it is possible to produce an account of the ecological history (‘palaeoecology’) for your site.  This has value for the following reasons:

  • Informed planting choices: species, quantities & distribution
  • An understanding of processes operating historically (burning, grazing, etc.)
  • A better understanding of your area: its past & how it came to the present

The ecological history of an area is reconstructed through analysis of pollen grains preserved in wetland habitats.  Coring the wetland, down to increasingly old sediments, allows a journey back in time by counting the number of pollen grains that record the fortunes of different species.

This service costs around the same as the habitat survey for a typical site.  Radiocarbon dates can be included at cost price (c. £450 per sample), or a chronology can be estimated by other means.


Survey & assessment of woodland & forestry sites has regularly been undertaken for forestry companies and for other purposes within the planning system, such as wind farms. Management experience therefore includes consideration of development issues & related species management, such as for red squirrel or golden eagle, as well as consideration of the habitat itself.  Botanæco’s experience & quality of work in these areas has led to commissions by the Forestry Commission & Forestry Commission Scotland to assess the effects of riparian restoration on New Forest woodlands; and for field & class-based training in habitat survey & assessment, for example.

Further information

If you would like further information then please send an email or call Dr Andy McMullen, Principal Botanist & Director of Botanæco, on 01356 650410.